Ikigai – What’s your purpose to live for?

Ikigai. A Japanese word, said to have originated in the Okinawa region, which is part of the RyuKyu Islands, where my husband is from.

It can be translated to “having a purpose to live for”.

I believe everyone needs to have a purpose, something bigger than themselves, something that keeps them getting up each day and keeps them focused on something other than themselves.

Great for mental health, relationships, confidence, community, and importantly, feeling that you have contributed.  Knowing that you have a purpose gives you so much more than we can accurately define.

In business it’s the same.

Your business also needs a purpose, something greater than just making money.

When you are truly connected with the values and purpose of your business, Ikigai carries you through the tough times. Ikigai attracts others to you and your business. Ikigai can be the difference between a being chained to your business and loving it!

I have recently started offering breakthrough sessions for my business clients as well as coaching sessions. During the one day breakthrough one of the areas we focus on is their values, and how that translates through to their businesses values.

My guarantee is that my clients get clarity and 100% connection with their business goals and walk away with a laser focus and clear steps on what to do to achieve their goals.

Throughout the day we are constantly working on clearing anything that comes up and that may be a  blockage to their success, and we keep going until it’s done…can you imagine? Not being let off the hook?   It scares some clients, and that’s OK, because I am right there with them, holding the space for them, 100% committed to getting the outcome they want.

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